helium.film is proud to be part of the 1630Vine creative collective in Redfern.

1630Vine sets itself apart by means of unique creative collaboration, full-service partnerships and it’s amazing space in a central location.

1630Vine boasts an architecturally designed and custom-built creative space. It features an art gallery, photographic cyc, sound studio, edit and compositing lounges, dedicated colour grade lounge, cinema-style presentation suite, creative work zones, production hotdesks, café, meeting room and sun-drenched alley-way courtyard. Not to mention the basketball courts across the road.

1630Vine’s unique and malleable creative space allows you to work freely, open, in collaboration or in privacy. Each project allows the flexibility to have the creative, director, artist, filmmaker, photographer, musician and physical space best suited for an individual project.

1630Vine incorporates creative brands, helium.film, Vandal, Virtual Immersive and the 1630Vine Gallery.